BCM helps churches reach children

In Scotland the work of BCM started with children. Volunteers from many different churches started clubs where children could learn, through Bible teaching, about Christian standards and beliefs.

We are committed to keep the Bible central to all that we do. We believe its stories are designed to explain to the reader what and who God is. It explains how God wants to interact with us and how we should live our lives to the full. It contains words of release from bondage and true joy. These are things every child should know about.

Our full-time staff are here to help and support both existing and new ministries among children.

Scotland needs men and women of God, trained in His Word, competent in putting it into practice.

Teaching children


Special days, weekends away and camps are important tools in our ministry. Young people can learn together how to live out the Christian life.

“Let the children come to me” Matthew 19:14