Leadership training for Children’s workers

The Scottish Team is involved in encouraging and equipping churches to teach the word of God enthusiastically so that individuals can develop a personal ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.


BCM can help the church by providing Teacher Training, consecutive Bible teaching materials and technical support.

Churches can also benefit from participation in special events like camps, weekends and day events.

Staff are willing to come and share the vision of BCM and the benefits of getting involved both at home and abroad.


Helping and training churches

In Step With The Master Teacher is the standard materials we use to train teachers.

Most of the Scottish staff have been trained to present these exciting new teacher training programs.

We can help churches develop a programme of instruction for their children’s workers.

If you are interested in training for yourself or your church please contact BCM Scotland for details of the open seminars running near you or the dedicated courses which can be designed to meet your needs.


BCM believes that if we want to minister to the next generation we need to be trained to be most effective.

Simply reading out of a manual is not good enough.

We have to be convinced God’s word is effective in children’s lives and teach it in a vital enthusiastic way.


As a Scottish team of BCM workers we believe in the church., We are committed to serving God by helping churches to reach the young people in their area, to effectively teach God’s word and see children put their thrust in Him as Saviour and Lord of their lives.

“The churches were strengthened in their faith” Acts 16:5