We also seek to help people who are hurting because of past and present problems.  We seek to assist those, who are facing difficulties, find the answers by giving them the time they need and a listening ear.

Ministering to adults


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Inductive Bible study

We live in a society where the Word of God has been made scarce.  We seek to teach adults how to open the Bible and discover its truths for themselves. The inductive method of Bible study is not based on someone else’s opinion but on what the Bible says about itself.

In Step With The Master Teacher is the standard materials we use to train teachers.

It is an internationally recognised system of training for teachers and helpers.

Helping Hurting People

Ladies Weekends

Two weekend conferences for women of all ages. Come and join us for great teaching, great fellowship and fun. They are held in late February/early March.

Come and hear Excellent women’s speakers from all over the world bring relevant and challenging messages.

BCM  started to minister to children but they soon grew up into teenagers so we started a teen ministry. Of course all this work was done by adult volunteers so we began ministering to them.

Today we have four main ministries to adults.

Teacher Training

“Teach them to your children” Deuteronomy 4:9