BCM Scotland believes in missionary outreach

Our camps regularly host workers from other countries and those who have gone from this country to other countries who are encouraged to share their adventures with the children and leaders.

Many who have grown up through our clubs and camps have gone all over the world in response to the call to serve.

BCM is an international mission and can offer many varied options to those who would wish to serve abroad.

Short term work

From a week working on a building program to a year shadowing a full time worker, opportunities abound.

Our Summer camp programs are always seeking committed staff to help.  
Opportunities exist in several different countries.

Medium term work

You could take a skill you already possess, say teaching, and work with local folk developing programs and helping start new works in areas not covered by the present ministry.

Career Worker

The career worker is a vital part of BCM work. The life-long commitment to an area or project is an effective way of demonstrating life standards which will encourage both trust and strong relationship bonds.


For every worker there must be a network of supporters making their efforts possible. There is much which can be done without leaving the country.

You can pray for them

Safety as they travel.

Ability to communicate in a foreign language and culture.

Provision of basic needs.

You can give

You can make it possible for others to go by helping pay their way.

Regular giving can finance new work in areas where there is no Christian witness or church.


Come and join the team

“Open your eyes and look at the fields” John 4:35